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Business Administration

The English-language bachelor’s degree program of Alterbridge University in Business Administration is centered on teaching that meets current higher education norms. It focuses on educating graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to compete in both local and worldwide job markets.

The English-language business administration program is designed to meet labor market demands. Training courses are designed with both theoretical and practical components.
After completing the program, the graduate will be able to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained and create their own company concept.

Qualification to be awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration
Program Scope: 240 Credits
Study Language: English
Tuition fee: 4000 $

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Business Administration The educational program aims:

  • To prepare highly qualified specialists equipped with comprehensive knowledge of business administration and entrepreneurship, their critical understanding, and acknowledgment of recent achievements whilst accepting the market-driven environments demands.
  • To develop skills for undertaking necessary analytical activities (Finding, collecting, sorting, analyzing and interpreting information about the entrepreneurial environment) while establishing ethical values and aspects of professional responsibility.
  • Give the graduate sufficient knowledge to manage or start their own small business, as well as to manage and make it successfully in a real business environment.

Intended learning outcome

Results of the English-language Bachelor Degree’s of Business Administration program:

Knowledge and understanding

  • Describe modern theories and principles in the field based on extensive knowledge in the field of business and management;
  • Demonstrate fundamental knowledge in core functional areas of business (Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting);
  • Understanding of entrepreneurial issues, trends and perspectives related to diversity;


  • Create evidence-based solutions to business problems or opportunities.
  • Demonstrate core management knowledge to develop viable management solutions via understanding the regulatory.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand and use statistical and financial methods and metrics to set goals to formulate a business plan, supervise its implementation and control outcomes towards measuring organizational performance.
  • Demonstrate effective and collaborative interpersonal skills in a team setting.

Responsibility and autonomy:

  • Produce effective written business reports.
  • Deliver effective oral business presentations.
  • Evaluate the ethical implications of business practices.
  • Understand the dynamics, benefits, and challenges of diversity and inclusion within teams or organizations.


As an International Student applying Business Administration Program you are required to submit
the following documents:

  • A copy of travel document (passport)
  • A copy of a school-leaving certificate
  • A copy of transcripts
  • A photo (3X4);
  • English language proficiency diploma/certificate (in case any): IELTS (min 5.5) TOEFL (PBT min 87, CBT min 227 points) CAE (B2)

Office of International Relations

Giorgi Tchanturia
+995 595 71 70 10


When you have all the necessary documents ready, please fill in the Application (see the Attachment) and send it together with the copies of the documents to the following e-mail address:

Note: *Whenever a document is not in English and/or is not accompanied by an English language translation, it should be translated into English and be notarized;
*Application fee USD 100

According to the order 224N issued by the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, all applicants are obliged to take the interview which will be recorded for the enrollment purposes. Therefore, within a period of 15 days after receiving the application, Alterbridge University admission staff will contact the applicant to arrange a Skype interview, in order to confirm that the potential student meets all the necessary requirements and consequently to send out a Conditional Offer Letter.

Following the receipt of the Conditional Offer Letter, the applicant should send the Power of Attorney to the Alterbridge University authorizing the Alterbridge University to represent the applicant with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (during 30 days). The Alterbridge University will apply to the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and request the recognition of applicant’s education status acquired abroad with the aim to grant the right to enroll in the higher educational institution without sitting Unified National Examination.

Consequently, the Alterbridge University will issue the enrollment document (granting student status) and Unconditional Offer Letter – an invitation to Georgia no later than 10th of August… The final stage covers the procedures for granting student visas. To this end, a student is supposed to send the original copies of the documents required for granting visas to the Alterbridge University’s authorized representative.

You can find more information on visa to Georgia here:

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Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree Program Catalogue

Study Plan

  • Basics of Business Administration
  • Business English
  • Calculus for Business
  • Basics of Management
  • Business Communication
  • Microeconomics
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Negotiations Theory and Practice
  • Business Statistics
  • Basics of Finance
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Macroeconomics
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Human Resources Management
  • Small and Medium size Enterprise Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Information Technology Service Management
  • Project Management
  • Basics of Leadership
  • Business Research Methods
  • Basics of Public Relations
  • International Business Management
  • Basics of Taxation
  • Ethics and Values
  • Operations Management
  • Global Economics
  • Marketing Research
  • Advertising and Social Media
  • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
  • Career Management
  • Foreign Trade and Trade Policy
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Financial Management
  • Online Business
  • Principles of Business Strategy
  • Services Marketing
  • Principles of Insurance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management
  • Change Management
  • Retailing
  • Sales Management
  • Principles of Audit
  • Academic Writing and Integrity
  • Information Technology
  • Effective PresentationTechniques