Bachelor's Degree

``Alterbridge`` - International University of Management & Communication

Alterbridge University undergraduate programs are the first step in higher education that gives a student a bachelor’s degree.

The total number of credits for the undergraduate program is 240 ECTS credits. The credits of the educational program are structurally distributed according to the following principle: 150 ECTS – training courses of the main component; 35 ECTS – Compulsory Free Compulsory Training Courses; 55 ECTS – Free Comprehensive Elective Courses.

Public Relations

Public Relations – The graduate of the undergraduate program can be employed as a PR specialist in the private, state and non-governmental sector, in international or local corporations, research-consulting and advertising agencies in the position of middle manager defined by the relevant structural unit. The graduate, in accordance with his / her interests, in accordance with the rules established by law, can continue his / her studies in the master’s educational program.

Bachelor’s Degree