International Teaching University of Management and Communication

ALTERBRIDGE” was founded in 2018 by the Educational Center
“PR Academy”, which has been operating in Georgian Education Market since 2012 in the sphere of general management, strategic
communications, organizational studies, human resources and other demanded spheres in the field of preparation/supply of consultancy
services, corporate and individual training and training programs.

Within the scope of the educational/consulting service, the PR Academy has conducted extensive researches for 6 years, in the field of
public opinion and organizational management in Georgia, specific business projects are created and realized, evident examples of personal
development and career growth are shown.
The results of the survey conducted in 2018-2019 have shown that during the learning process or in the shortest period after the
completion of the studies the absolute majority of the PR academy’s graduates experience significant changes in terms of personal and
career development as a result of the acquired knowledge.
In particular, the survey has shown that 93% of graduates experience improvement results regarding professional changes and the personal
self-realization rate is 96%.
7 This once again demonstrates that the introduction/application of transformational teaching methods in
educational programs increases the opportunity of employment and self-realization and that in this direction the multi-year experience of
the HEI’s team is one of the competitive advantages of a new Teaching University.

Nowadays, PR Academy’s services are used by international and local organizations, small and medium businesses, non-governmental and
public sector representatives. Among them are TBC Bank, the Parliament of Georgia, Georgian Post, Georgian Railway, National Center of
Manuscripts, Ministry of Agriculture, Civil Service Bureau, International Organizations: GIZ / UNDP / USAID / NDI / UNICEF, etc. The
PR Academy is the winner of several grants and tender competition.

Successful experiences of educational process management focused on instantaneous result and the formation of a team of companions led to the idea of creating a higher educational institution execution of which has started since 2016. In particular, in recent years the PR
Academy systematically develops its relations with local and international educational institutions, strengthens its cooperation with the
public sector, participates in projects executed by the donor and non-governmental organizations –in the field of education, democratic
development, the government empowerment, gender equality, raising of awareness, supporting the future leader women support and other
areas. Creates a strong platform for attraction and employment of academic personnel.
In 2017, through electronic auction the organization acquired a non-agricultural land plot of 1141 sq.m located at Tskneti Highway in
Tbilisi, wherein 2018 a modern design building was built which fully satisfies the authorization standards of a higher educational
institution and creates maximum commitment for research, teaching and development.
In 2018, International Teaching University of Management and Communication “ALTERBRIDGE” LLC was founded on the base of the PR
Academy, one of the competitive advantages of which is the multi-year experience of founding and managing team, solid reputation,
recognition, high rate of employees and loyal staff. Hence, this is the best prerequisite for establishing another educational center oriented
on employment and self-realization in Georgia, which will create educational programs tailored to the requirements of the labor market
considering gained experience and create the competitive, qualified human resource by using transformational teaching methods.



The mission of the Teaching University is to give people new opportunities for personal and professional self-realization. In this regard, it creates accessible conditions for research and acquiring knowledge, establishes an international platform for interaction of education and labor market, promotes improvement of public relations in Georgia.


By 2026, International Teaching University of Management and Communication “ALTERBRIDGE” will be the highly-rated higher educational institution, which by a strong team of professionals, the international standards-based programs, an ecological infrastructure, research activities and transformational teaching methods creates competitive, qualified human resources, ensures continuity of education, promotes the process of internationalization and commercialization of education and science and contributes to the development of society by strengthening the role of education


  • Professionalism
  • Mutual trust and teamwork
  • Publicity and transparency
  • Ethics and justice
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Patriotism
  • Academic freedom
  • Lifelong development

Academic Staff

Alterbridge Team

gvanca barabadze

Gvantsa Barabadze

Associate Professor

Ketevan Gogodze

აფილირებული ასისტენტ-პროფესორი

Tamta Hager

Affiliate Assistant Professor
მ.ადამაშვილი – ფოტო (2)

Mariam Adamashvili

ასოცირებული პროფესორი
თეა ლათიფაშვილი. ფოტო

Tea Latifashvili

ასოცირებული პროფესორი

Tamar Narindoshvili

აფილირებული ასისტენტ-პროფესორი;

Lika Kutelia

ასისტენტ პროფესორი

Giorgi Grigolia

აფილირებული ასისტენტ პროფესორი
პროფილის ფოტო

Sopho Maisuradze

აფილირებული ასოცირებული პროფესორი

Sopho Makharadze

აფილირებული ასოცირებული პროფესორი
nana chachua avatar

Nana Chachua

აფილირებული ასოცირებული პროფესორი

Vaja Danelia

აფილირებული პროფესორი
სოსო დოლიძე

Soso Dolidze

აფილირებული ასოცირებული პროფესორი
მაკო ჯაოშვილი

Mako Jaoshvili

Affiliate/Associate Professor
გიორგი ჭანტურია

Giorgi Tchanturia

Affiliate/Associate Professor
ალექსანდრე გაბუნია

Aleksandre Gabunia

Affiliate/Associate Professor
ოთარ ქირია

Otar Kiria

Affiliate/Associate Professor
ნათია ვაჩეიშვილი

Natia Vacheishvili

Affiliate/Associate Professor