Step N1 – What would happen if…

It all started when Natia Gotsadze, who was invited as a public relations trainer at one of the most prestigious universities, thought about how and in what environment she would conduct the training; How she would select the listeners himself and what he would offer …

This was the first “what would happen if …”, which was then asked.

Soon, on December 17, 2012, the PR Academy started functioning.

A few more years will pass and the logical continuation of the PR academy will become a higher education institution, though this – later.

Step  N2 – Dare

The first lecture was held at the PR Academy in February 2013.

The 4-month public relations program was designed with all the details that public relations managers needed. These details were collected from the work experience of the PR Academy team at that time.

Step  N3 – Alterpeople

From the very beginning, the PR Academy brought together people who have extensive practical experience in the field of public relations and communications in general.

Most of them are the main team of Alterbridge today.

From the beginning until today, they first supported the PR Academy, and then – “Alterbridge”.

Step N4 – Increase is inevitable

The newly started academy soon made a name for itself and soon, space and human resources were no longer enough.

They were constantly in demand for training; A small audience and even a few trainers could not meet the increased number of listeners.

Risks were accompanied by development and increase. However, the PR Academy decided to expand.

Step N5 – The learning process is endless

From whom did the PR Academy learn and today Alterbridge? From trainers who work day and night to discover new insights and best practices. From the listeners who demanded the maximum from them. From the administrative team that took care of the proper functioning of all this.

Today “Alterbridge” is already studying at the PR Academy … The learning process is endless.

Step N6 – Thanks for the trust

This photo shows the listeners of the first public relations program. They are people who dared and trusted the new and then still unknown training center. Become our alumni and teach us self-confidence.

Step N7 – The First Office

Barnovi str. N90 was the address that became the address of the new home for PR academics. From this period begins the first independent steps of the PR Academy in the field of communication.

It is during this period that the administrative team is formed, which is still almost unchanged in Alterbridge.

Step N8 – An Alternative Way

This move turned out to be a turning point for the PR academy. Natia Gotsadze’s idea to establish a university has already become a goal and in 2015 the first steps were taken to test her strength – the PR Academy started organizing an international master’s program.

The results of the first stream exceeded all expectations – businesses starting in the learning process, rapid career breakthroughs, unique scientific research and complete transformation – it was an explosion, an inspiration, a push.

And a new, major stage in the life of the PR Academy has begun – preparation for a higher education institution that will work in the field of strategic communication and will enter the market of higher education in Georgia for the first time with practical teaching experience.

Step N9 – What will happen next?

This decision was accompanied by several difficulties. The plot was to find where a particular concept of the university would be built; The architecture of the building – which would respond exactly to the Alterbridge concept.

The overcoming of great difficulties became necessary in order for the plot selected in Bagebi, in an ecologically clean and safe environment to become the property of Alterbridge. However, here too, the main motivation was the goal and the people who unconditionally believed in that goal.

The loft-type building designed by Area Architecture repeats the basic principle of learning in its design: it never ends, at every stage it gives you the feeling that it is perfect and at the same time gives you the motivation not to stop… again and again

Step N10 – Approval

After that, the long road to university authorization began. Alterbridge had to prove that he really met the authorization assessment points:

Mission, Vision, Development Strategy, Structure, Programs, Staff, Research, Infrastructure, Resources these were the criteria that Alterbridge had to meet, and the team put all other priorities aside for almost 2 years to approve this.

The result, obtained by Alterbridge, was unprecedented for the new university.

“Full compliance with the authorization standards and 6-years unconditional authorization” was the assessment that became an alternative bridge on the most difficult road from the PR Academy to Alterbridge.

It was a proof that when you believe in a goal, anything is possible.

It was permission by which the PR Academy started a new life in December 2019 with its name, business and people and continued its existence in the higher education institution – Alterbridge.

Step N11 – Alternative Students

In 2020, Alterbridge, as a higher education institution, for the first time announced admission to undergraduate and graduate programs.

The #dare campaign and the message #become the firstalterbridgestudent – this was the motivation with which Alterbridge selected the most daring people in the ranks of the first students.

In October, the first graduate students began their studies and received full funding for the first academic year as a gift from Alterbridge.

This is Alterbridge’s answer to the fact that you can never know what it would be like .. if you did not act and take a step.

So always dare!

Alterbridge teaches what it is itself.

Step N12 – Alter-2021

And what will happen in 2021? new perspectives and a great way …

Everything will start again and continue with big steps.

Alterbridge will accept new students. The main focus of the undergraduate and graduate programs will continue to be public relations and strategic communication. An international program in existential psychology will begin. There will be lots of new and also well-proven courses.

There will be change, innovation and the best opportunities. A strong team, a unique environment, professional development courses, public meetings, international programs, altergrants, new and effective models of employment – all this you will find in Alterbridge next year.

The year 2021 is entirely devoted to creating an educational opportunity for personal and professional development.

The Alterbridge journey does not end here.

to be continued…