Registration for the Uniform National Entrance:

  1. At the first stage of registration, you are required to provide only the following data:
  • Fill in the personal data;
  • Choose an exam city;
  • Mark the subjects to be taken;
  • Mark special conditions, if necessary.

2. At the second stage of registration:

You can change or add the subject as well as the language of the exam.

3. At the third stage of registration

Program selection, modification, replacement, and sequencing changes are possible up to and including the day after the publication of the appeal results.

Registration for the General Graduate Examinations:

1. Registration is done only electronically on the website of the National Assessment and Examinations Center

2. During the registration, the program of the higher education institution is not indicated, the applicant must contact the higher education institution and find out the information about the internal admission procedures of the university.