Alterbridge Training Center

Since 2012, the PR Academy has been functioning as a training center of the International Teaching University of Management and Communication “Alterbridge,” where learners have had the chance to engage in training courses suited to the most creative and current approaches. The Academy’s many training programs focuses on improving participators qualifications and developing practical expertise.

ტრენინგ ცენტრი

Several successful initiatives were presented in the PR Academy with the assistance of competent trainers. Today, the most contemporary university, “Alterbridge,” leads the education market via them, while the Alterbridge training center, with the same composition, offers a variety of short and long-term training courses. The training center’s courses are all based on psychological games and interactive participation, and the practical component assists students in thoroughly mastering a specific training course.

Alterbridge provides interested parties with a variety of training services, including corporate training, individual courses, coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

Furthermore, the training center offers short and long-term certificate programs in psychology, public relations, coaching, human resources, and other fields. Our team successfully performed trainings in a hybrid mode, in which participants picked the conditions for attending the training, even under the conditions of the pandemic.

List of the training courses:

  • Relationship psychology and people management
  • Management of human resources
  • PR, marketing, digital media, content management
  • event management
  • Communication techniques and balance in relationships
  • Strategic event management
  • Audio-visual communication
  • Interpersonal skills (Soft Skills)
  • Stress management and change management
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Leadership and team management
  • Effective communication
  • Media speaker skills
  • Art of public speaking (persuasion, body language, storytelling)
  • Conflict management and negotiations
  • Anti-crisis communication
  • Service standards (service + user types)
  • Sales communication
  • Project management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Psychology of interpersonal relations and social behavior
  • Self-esteem and personal development
  • Organizational behavior and individual motivation systems
  • Development of organizational culture
  • First psychological aid
  • Customer psychotypes and effective sales communication
  • Coaching for personal success
  • Short-term training courses
  • Public relations (PR)

Currently, the implementation of certificate programs is actively being organized by the Alterbridge Training Center. based on demand, aside from the various training programs, below is a list of the trainings that Alterbridge training center had held during the last 3 years:

  • Effective communication, cooperation and teamwork, retraining of the middle and top management – NCDC Training in Organizational behavior management
  • Heidelberg Cement Georgia Training in Corporate Communication Management for the staff of the Kakheti Area Development Center – World Vision.
  • Researching and diagnosis of the team roles, responsibilities, motivation and personality types – ICar Georgia Retraining the team
  • members in strategic management and organizational culture developments tools – House of Justice Georgia
  • Organizational behavior examination: motivation, personality style, team roles – Med Center Batumi
  • Researching and diagnosis of organizational behavior and human decision processes – Innovative educational center
  • For the Parliament of Georgia – organizational research and development of employees’ communication skills
  • Organizational behavior motivation – Heidelberg Cement Georgia
  • GIZ Eastern Partnership Regional Fund for Public Administration Reform – the techniques of moderation
  • GIZ Eastern Partnership Regional Fund for Public Administration Reform – effective communication
  • Deutsche Wirtschafts Vereinigung (DWV)– collaboration and leadership
  • Deutsche Wirtschafts Vereinigung (DWV) – Etiquette of service and degree of satisfaction
  • Deutsche Wirtschafts Vereinigung (DWV) – Self-motivation & teamwork training commissioned
  • GIZ commissioned – effective communication and presentation skill
  • Good faith and anti-corruption mechanisms in the public service” – Alterbridge University. Civil Service Bureau
  • “The Role of Psychology in Management and Communication” – Alterbridge University, Tbilisi

Training Center Catalog