„Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity“, Kant in
these words calls immaturity the will of a person to live and be controlled by other
people’s opinions. The enlightenment by him is the power to be as brave to have
ability to judge on your own …
Today, when I enter Alterbridge, I see a result … The entity of results and each one
is associated for me with enlightenment, act of bravery, with daring to think, daring to act and believe in your goals…
Our all results start with step and it is the most difficult to make this step. But you will never know what would happen, if you have not tried. So, it is better to act, because inactivity leads to emptiness, and activity always will bring the result.
Now, when I look back, I realize that everything is done because of these steps, which I dared and made.

– When I dared and started a job I love only in one small room …
– When I gathered the group of people which dared like me and believed, that
in life is nothing as valuable as to help other people to find themselves…
– When we together challenged the difficulties, which we met on each step …
– When we showed the people that changes start with them and then we gave
them example, because we dared the biggest change …
– When we dared and received the challenge to become first higher
educational institution who received unconditional authorization!
– And even now, when we have to dare everyday to create alternative
opportunities in the field of education in the country!
2020 Alterbridge will receive the first flow of the students and our main
message is such:

Yes, „Dare to think“, Sapere aude! – from here starts the enlightenment and this is the
act of bravery, which you should do personally.
We dared and now we are all here!
That is why
#daretobefirst #become the member of Alterbridge

Natia Gotsadze

International Teaching University of Management and Communication