Research document of the Alterbridge

Compliance of Higher Education Quality in Georgia with the Requirements of Local and International Labour Market, Results of labour and consumer market research.

In order to analyze situation on educational market of Georgia, founding team of the International Teaching University of Management and Communication “ALTERBRIDGE” has acquainted with research works regarding the quality of education, access to it, the internationalization process, as well as labor market requirements, scientific works and statistical data of the recent years.

As a result, in pre-authorization preparation for elaboration of strategic development plan and action objectives of the International Teaching University of Management and Communication “ALTERBRIDGE”, as well as for creation of selected educational programs and courses, important researches have been conducted, within which the market requirements were studied, consultations were held with the field experts, employers, Educational Quality Enhancement Center representatives, benchmarking document was prepared, the educational market demand–supply current situation was studied and analyzed, the team processed practical data of organizational researches carried out from 2013 to 2017, the new qualitative and quantitative researches were conducted, within which compability of the higher education programs with market requirements, engagement of practical components in educational process, interconnection between HEI and student and interaction processes between education and the labor market were studied.

As a result of the analytical works, the Alterbridge team created a document that is the basis for defining educational programs of the Alterbridge and elaboration of strategic vision, on the one hand, and on the other hand, practical guideline for further studies to improve the quality of education and labor market interaction.

Research document of the Alterbridge

Strategy of scientific-research and creative activity of Teaching University

The purpose of the scientific-research and creative strategy of the International Teaching University of Management and Communication ALTERBRIDGE is to establish a general policy for conducting research that defines the structural units involved in university research, the persons responsible for the development of research activity and conditions for conducting research. This strategy aims at setting priorities for scientific-research and creative work prescribed by a long-term prospect of the Teaching University, identifying the resources needed to organize them, and providing supportive activities. The strategy relies on indicators of effectiveness and quality assessment of research activities. Key tasks include enhancement of the research potential of academic staff, actualization of research work and transparency. Participation in qualified local and international scientific conferences / forums / symposia, publications in various scientific journals and increasing the matter of raising competitiveness of the Teaching University by promoting research activities are also priorities.

The Strategy of Scientific Research and Creative Activities of The Teaching University

Concept of E- Journal “Challenges of Modern Science”

“Modern Science Challenges” is a scientific electronic journal to be created on the base of International Teaching University of Management and Communication “ALTERBRIDGE”.

The main priority of “Modern Science Challenges” is to give researchers, students, graduates the opportunity to present their papers before a wide audience.

“Modern Science Challenges” accepts works from both, Georgia as well as from abroad. This contributes to the internationalization of scientific potential of researchers, students and mutual cooperation policy.

While reviewing the articles, the editorial board of the electronic journal pays great attention not only to the actuality of the work, the nature or value of the research, but also to the technical side (organizing, cited works, grammatical correctness).

The concept of scientific research and creative activities of Teaching University