The scholarship is semestrially (for 6 months) awarded to the student(s) of the school of the Teaching
University who have the best ratings, after the third semester of studying at the program.

The main
criterion for awarding the scholarship is the student’s rating (the semestrial high academic performance
rate). The basis for awarding the scholarship is the accumulation of at least 30 credits in the semester by
the student and having “A” (91 – 100 points) assessment in all study components.

Establishment of high
academic performances of the student and granting scholarship at the Teaching University is conducted
based on the calculation of the average assessment of student (GPA).

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the exam session results of the third and every following
semester. After examining the academic grades of students, a top-rated student (who has the highest
academic performance rate) will be selected and their data will be submitted to the Rector. The Rector
shall issue an order on awarding scholarships to these students.

If several students are identified who have equal grades, the preference will be given to the student who
is actively involved in various activities (international, republic and internal conferences, sports or art
competitions) on behalf of the Teaching University. It is also possible to take into consideration the
student’s social situation (physically disabled student, orphaned student, student from family with many
children, etc.).

According to the Rector’s decision, a freshman student has the right to receive scholarship
who has obtained 100% state educational grant through the results of the unified national exams and at
the same time gave the first priority to the school / program of the Teaching University. The amount of
scholarship for such students is determined by the individual normative act of the Rector. Besides, the
freshman student loses the right to receive a scholarship if his/her academic performance grade during
the first semester

The scholarship shall be terminated by the student’s application and also in case, if the student’s status is
suspended or terminated, also if his/her academic performance grade is less than 91.