Procedure for obtaining documents for the Master of Strategic Communication program

To apply for the master’s program, applicants must submit the following documents together with the application written in the name of the rector:

  • Copy of ID card (passport)
  • A certified copy of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma or a certificate of academic degree;
  • Certificate of passing the General Graduate Examinations, or a printout of the scores obtained by the master candidate on the General Graduate Examinations from the website of the National Examinations Center (
  • A letter of Motivation
  • 2 photos, size 3X4 (cm) with the electronic version on CD
  • Copy of correspondence or military ID (for conscripts)
  • Certificate of recognition by the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement ( in case of education received in a foreign country

After submitting the application, you must successfully pass a test in English assigned by the School Admissions Committee and Interview

English language test sample

The application written in the name of the Rector (see the form) and the required documents can be submitted to the International Training University of Management and Communication at the address: Bagebi, Tskneti Highway, # 67 or send by e-mail: