International Teaching University of Management and Communication has defined the rules for holding the first student self-government elections, according to which:

1. The student self-government of the university consists of 9 delegates elected for a two-year term.
2.The date of student self-government elections is set by the Rector of the University and approved by an election commission consisting of at least 5 members. The election commission is composed of the university administration staff.
3. Students running in student self-government elections shall form a student group of at least 12 people.
4. The list created by the student group must include at least 3 students with active status on university program. The electoral lists are approved by the election commission.
5. Elections shall be deemed to be held if more than 1/3 of the students with active status participate in it.
6. Delegate status is given to the top 9 students having the best results in the elections from the student list.
7. Newly elected student self-government elects president of self-government by 2/3 of its members’ votes.
8. Student Self-Government of University approves Regulation for Self-governance by 2/3 of the total number of members.
9. Regular elections of the student self-government are held in accordance with the Regulation approved by the self-government.