The mission of the Teaching University is to give people new opportunities for personal and professional self-realization. In this regard, it creates accessible conditions for research and acquiring knowledge, establishes an international platform for interaction of education and labor market, promotes improvement of public relations in Georgia.


By 2026, International Teaching University of Management and Communication “ALTERBRIDGE” will be the highly-rated higher educational institution, which by a strong team of professionals, the international standards-based programs, an ecological infrastructure, research activities and transformational teaching methods creates competitive, qualified human resources, ensures continuity of education, promotes the process of internationalization and commercialization of education and science and contributes to the development of society by strengthening the role of education


  • Professionalism
  • Mutual trust and teamwork
  • Publicity and transparency
  • Ethics and justice
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Patriotism
  • Academic freedom
  • Lifelong development