1. The academic council of Teaching University is (later academic council) the counselling, representative collegiate structural unit, which is responsible for educational, academic and scientific work and ensures elaboration of strategy.
  2. The academic council consists of 11 members.
    • Academic council members are: the Head of academic council – Rector, the chosen members of academic council from each school (academic personnel of teaching university except assistant-professor) and student which represents self-governance of the university. By the decision of the Rector there can be invited some other members for the academic council.
  3. The authority time for Academic council members is defined by the time the member holds the academic position, and in case of a student academic council member – by the time holding his/her status of a student.
  4. In case some member of the academic council leaves the position, the council  presents new member for the vacant position.

Decision making procedure for academic council

  1. Academic council in frames of its competence discusses presented issues on academic council meetings.
  2. The academic council meeting is invited by the initiative of the Rector (Head of academic council) or by the request of at least one third of council members at least once a term.
  3. Academic council meeting is considered as decisive if it is attended by the more than half of the council members and decision is made just with simple majority principle.
  4. To participate on academic council meetings with a right to vote have Deans, the Head of Quality Assurance department and the Head of the Program whose Program is discussed on the meeting.
  5. Academic council Head has right to make decision to invite other person on the council.
  6. Academic council meetings are leaded by the Head of academic council. In case the Head is not presented, the council is leaded by the person which is named by the majority of the council members.
  7. The technical support of the meetings is ensured by the council secretary – the representative from Law department, in case the secretary is not at meeting his/her obligations are ensured by the member of the council which is named by the majority of the council members.
  8. The secretary of the academic council:
  9. Prepares the agenda for academic council
  10. Organizes the academic council meetings and conducts academic council minutes
  11. On academic council meeting is conducted the minute of the meeting which is signed by the Head of the council and Secretary. Conduction of the minute and its technical support is done according to the case administration procedures.

The authority of academic council


  1. The academic council of the teaching university is discussing and makes decision on the basis of the simple majority of the topics which are on the agenda of the council meeting and then they are presented to the Rector to assign:
    • Strategic development plan of the teaching university;
    • Educational and scientific-research programs presented by the School and/or research activity center;
    • Statute of the teaching university, statutes of the structural units, mission, strategic development and action plan and other normative acts.
      • Coefficients for national exams and target number of students for each School.
      • The evaluation rule of study and scientific-research activity presented by the quality assurance department and scientific-research activity center.
      • The issue to give honorary title for special achievements, or to give the honorary title to the scientist or public character.
      • Reports done by university structural units.

      Defines internationalization politics, the collaboration directions among higher educational institutions, the main mechanisms of academic/invited personnel mobility and topic of creation the scientific-research programs by the confirmation from the Rector.

  • In case the Rector does not agree with academic council decision, the Rector sends back the issue with some remarks to the council.
  • The council has authority not to agree with the remarks oft he Rector, but it is necessary to confirm the issue that the 2/3 of the council members agree with it.
  • The reasons to cancel the authority oft he academic council:
  • Liquidation oft he teaching university:
  • Loosing the status of higher educational institution

5. Regarding abolishment of academic council the decision is made by the partners council

6. The reasons to cancelt he authority oft he academic council member:

  • Personal announcement.
  • Freeing from academic position or expiration of the time for being on the academic position at teaching university.
  • Pausing the status of the student or stopping it for 3 months or more.
  • Impossibility to fulfill one’s obligations under other legislation grounds.

The cancelation of the authority for the academic council member is formed by the legal act of the Rector.