Strategic Communications

Master program

Strategic Communication

Alterbridge’s Master’s Program in Strategic Communication provides you with the broad profile academic knowledge and practical experience to establish bilateral communication, develop specific activities and maintain trust.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be a long-term vision-oriented public relations professional with strategic thinking, leadership and accountability competencies.

The strength of the program is the experience-based curriculum structure, according to which 40% is devoted to the acquisition of theoretical knowledge at the academic level, 20% to independent work (theory + practice) and 40% to practical teaching. The material logically ties up with the development of sectoral competence or transferable skills through a practical training course and the creation of a master’s thesis in regard to the important problems covered in the course.

If you are awarded a 100% state grant, Alterbridge will fund your education with a matching internal university grant!

Awarded qualification: Master of Public Relations
Code: 0414
Program volume: 120 ECTS
Heads of the program: Mako Jaoshvili – PH.D. Professor

Natia Gotsadze – PH.D. Doctor of Public Administration, Professor
Cost: 4600 GEL

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198 strategic communication

Acceptance conditions:

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree in any major
  • Interview on public relations issues
  • B2 English language test (or a valid international certificate)
  • Copy of identity card (passport).
  • A document confirming the passing of the common master’s exams, or a printout of the scores obtained by the master’s degree candidate from the website of the National Examinations Center (
  • CV/Resume
  • motivation letter
  • Statement on the Rector’s name
  • 2 pictures, size 3X4 (cm) and electronic version on CD.
  • A copy of the certificate of correspondence or military ticket (for military servicemen)
  • In the case of education received in a foreign country, a certificate of recognition by the National Center for the Development of Education Quality (

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Program’s purpose is strategic communication

The master’s program aims to deepen knowledge in the area of strategic management of digital technologies, to critically evaluate the outcomes to be achieved by strategic communication, and to thoroughly study contemporary approaches to reputation management, negotiation strategies, and brand management. Obtain the necessary skills to create and carry out strategies and action plans that are appropriate for the target audience.

Obtainable outcomes and proficiency:

You will learn from this research how psychological components in interpersonal communication play a role in strategic management and what influences judgments about reputation or upholding trust; Define the objectives of the anti-crisis campaign and social media marketing. You can create a plan catered to shared interests and/or a social media campaign for a prompt crisis reaction by improving the relevant competency; Choose your communication channels carefully. You’ll assess and support the outcomes of the communication effort. You’ll accurately and impartially provide information to the public that is based on facts.

Field of employment:

You can lead / be an advisor in the public / private sector or in an NGO, a strategic communication department, a public relations / marketing service, lobby / manage political campaigns. You will also be able to continue your studies at the third level of higher education according to the law.

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Study Curriculum

Main teaching courses of the field:

  • Negotiation strategies
  • Strategic communication
  • reputation management
  • Brand management
  • interpersonal communication
  • Fundamentals of strategic management
  • Marketing communication strategies
  • Strategic management of digital technologies
  • Research component training courses
  • Academic writing in PR practice
  • Research methods in strategic communication
  • Practice course: communication campaigns

Elective teaching courses of the field

  • Marketing and Law
  • Media Communications/Organizational Leadership
  • Advertising strategy
  • Personal branding and creativity
  • Public relations in public administration
  • Visual strategy in PR/event management
  • International marketing
  • Social media and anti-crisis campaigns
  • Free component
  • Modern management
  • Project Management/Knowledge Management
  • European integration issues

Strategic Communication Master’s Program Catalog

Strategic Communication Master’s Program