The Australian National Institute of Business and Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and the AlterBridge University in Tbilisi, Georgia offer a program in Project Management to young men and women aspiring to work as project managers in any given industry in Georgia or anywhere in the world. The Project Management program is a major platform for ANIBT-ABU’s Human Capital Project.

The Project Management program not only offers a thorough, scientific approach to project management as a professional tool, but leads all students, through the Capstone project, toward specialization and internshipsin a selected industry in Europe and Australia. The key thrust of the program is to educate, train and groom young project management professionals who can fill the increasing demand for project managers across several industries, globally.

The Project Management Program is regarded as a fundamental and critical pathway to managing complex projects and to assume management leadership in governments and corporations. The program consists of a full Diploma from ANIBT, fully approved by the Australian government accreditation authority. The Diploma is also offered in 3 stages of a Certificate, Advanced Certificate and a Diploma program, where the Certificate and Advanced Certificates have joint awards from ANIBT and ABU.

ANIBT – Alterbridge Project Management Program