Bachelor program

Communication Psychology and Public Relations

Grants and funding

Altergrant for Bachelor students

In case of choosing Alterbridge in the first place, it is financed with the same funding as the state grant 100% –  2 250 GEL

In case of choosing Alterbridge in the second place, it is financed by 50% of the state grant – 1,125 GEL

In case of choosing Alterbridge in the third place, it is financed with 30% of the state grant –  675

Applicants on the list of the top 500 students from the exam results are free from the undergraduate tuition fee.

Alterbridge will award gold medalists with a grant of 4000 GEL.

After completing the program you will be a professional who will say a new word in the field of communication. Alterbridge will allow you to be a market leader who will always be an innovator!

Qualifications to be awarded: Bachelor of Mass Communications

Code: 0321

Program capacity: 240 ECTS

Cost: 5900 GEL

198 Psychology of Communication and Public Relations

Exams to be taken at the Unified National Examinations:

  • Georgian language and literature
  • Foreign language
  • History or Mathematics


  • Theory of Mass Communication
  • Psychology of communication
  • PR strategy and tactics
  • Audiovisual perception
  • Media monitoring
  • Effective submission techniques
  • Political Journalism
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Sociology
  • Social Psychology
  • Public relations
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Communication campaigns
  • Branding
  • Crisis management
  • User behavior
  • Business relationship etiquette
  • Personality Psychology

Internship/ Employement

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print Media
  • Creative Agency
  • Press centers
  • News Agency
  • Analytical Center
  • Event Company
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Private and public sector