1.Printed library resources

The library visitor has the right to take the book from library for personal use in frames of following dates:

The reader/ handbook  – 1 term (if the library has relevant number of copies)

The reader/ handbook   – 1-7 days (if the library does not have relevant number of copies)

Fictional literature – 1 month

Other type of literature – 14-30 days


2. Electronic collections

The access on university electronic collections is available only for university students and academic staff.



The library offers its visitors/readers inter library service, that implies taking those books which are not available at Alterbridge library literature fund from donor and partner libraries.

To use inter library services you have to fill the form and this way order a book. The visitor indicates the information about the book in the language on which the visitor wants to read the book (the title of the book, the author, etc).

It is permitted to use the book taken from donor library at Alterbridge university library.


4.The consultation hour with a librarian

Receive personal scientific consultation from a librarian with internet or at the university place during the working hours of the library.

The consultation for academic personnel is effective before the start of the study process to ensure the library fund with main and additional literature of educational programs.

The reader has the right to order not more than 5 books in frames of the interlibrary services.

The reader is informed regarding the availabity of the ordered book within 3 working days.

Catalogues of partner libraries:

The National Library of Georgia: https://www.nplg.gov.ge/geo/home

National Scientific Library: http://www.sciencelib.ge/


5. Preparation of the reader

The library ensures preparation of the readers, as well electronic version, which will be uploaded on library platform, as printed reader, which will be available in library space for reading.