In ordert to be enrolled on the Master program, the person should present the
announcement written to the Rector with the following documentation:

 ID card (passport) copy
 A certified copy of a bachelor's degree or equivalent diploma or a notice to
prove an received academic degree;
 Document which proves of passing the general master exams, or a printout of
the scores obtained by the master candidate on the national master exams
from the website of the National Examination Center ( )
 Motivation letter
 2 photos, size 3X4 (cm) and electronic version on CD.
 Copy of correspondence or copy of military ID (for military obligations)
 In case of receiving education abroad the admission document for the foreign
diploma from National Center for Quality Enhancement (

After all the documents are presented the freshmen should successfully pass
the test in English and exam in specialization which is held by the admission
commission of the School

Test exam in Enhlish language will be held on 17th of September
Exam in specialization will be held on 22nd
of September


The announcement written to the Rector (see the form) and requested documentation you will
be able to present to the International University of the Management and Communication
Alterbridge to the address: Bagebi, Tskneti Highway #67 or send to the electronic mail: